Fairy Wings Tutorial

I'm going to share another tutorial today.
I love making these tiny fairy wings to go with my stamped images.
It's fairly easy to make, not to mention alot of fun too!
I'll show you the basic steps for making the wing, the embellishing and decorating part is up to your imagination.
You can keep it plain or be creative and add unique details to your one-of-a-kind wing.
Of course, I love to embellish...and this is the result...

These are the materials I used to make my fairy wings...

  • Belles 'N Whistles Stamp - Fairy Fond Thoughts
  • Iridescent films
  • Wire with plastic coating
  • Clear Gallery Glass
  • Polyester Glitter

Are you ready? Lets get started...

Step 1 -Framing of Wings

  • Stamp the image with wings you'ld like to use
  • Place one sheet of Iridescent film over the stamped image
  • Cut and shape wire along the edge of the wings
  • Place the cut wire on the film
  • add transparent glue to the connecting wires

Step 2 - Gallery Glass

  • after the glue completely dry, add the clear Gallery Glass

Step 3 - Glitter

  • While the Gallery Glass is still wet, add the glitter
  • make sure to use polyester glitter, it will have an iridescent look when heated

Step 4 - Second Film Layer

  • Add the second layer of film to the glitter gallery glass, let dry.
  • Once dry, cut the wing into shape

Step 5 - Heating

  • Carefully place the wing over a flame
  • Heat around the edges and add tiny holes by carefully placing over flame.

Step 6 - Finished wing

  • This is the finished look, now it's time to decorate

Step 7 - Final Wing

  • Decorate as you wish
  • I've added flower soft, micro beads, and a tiny flower

Overall look

  • notice the wing has shrunk, this is due to the heating process

That's it! Hope you like this tutorial and find it useful.
I will be back to share the completed project with this wing soon!
Until then, have a wonderful day and thanks for your visit.


  1. wow they are just fabulous Chelsea..Thank you for showing how to make them
    Lisa x

  2. How fabulously creative, so gorgeous..Thank you for the tutorial.

  3. Beautiful Thanks for the tut, where do you get the gallery glass never seen that before.
    Chris x

  4. Wow, the look so beautiful and precious Chelsea. LOVE THEM. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Have to try this.
    Hugs, Karina

  5. Потрясающе, восхитительно красиво!

  6. Hi Chelsea, wow this is just gorgeous!!! Love this idea, you're so creative!! Thanks for sharing. HUgs, Frea

  7. Chelsea, you are so talented and creative....this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Looking forward to the rest of the tutorial!
    Wishing you a very happy Easter!

  8. Chelsea these wings are so magical and look amazing!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial just need to find the products then will defo make some!!!

    Adorable Love Chanelle xxxx

  9. Wowzer!! This is totally amazing Chelsea!! I've never seen anything like this!! Thanks so much for the great tutorial hun!! ;)

  10. hiya sweetie
    thank you so much for the tutorial hunni, it's so gorgeous and a lovely idea sweetie
    hugs angelique

  11. hi my dear chelsea!!
    wow such a stunning tutorial!! thanks so much
    happy easter
    xoxo BA

  12. Hi, Chelsea! This is an awesomne tutorial! I have seen similar wings for sale on Ebay but had never tried to make them myself. Because I'm also a cloth doll maker, this technique will come in very handy to make wings for some fantasy creatures I have planned. Where do you get the film? Thanks so much for sharing this and also for visiting my blog today. Your comments were so kind.


  13. Wow what a fabulous idea, thanks so much for sharing this Chelsea!

  14. Awesome!!!! Thanks for this tutorial...I´ll feature on my blog. Hope you don´t mind
    hugs from Brazil

  15. Awesome tutorial Chelsea!

    xoxo Marjo

  16. OMG!!! This is bloody brilliant!!!! lol! Who would've thought?! First of all, I didn't even know about half of the items that you used until now! lol! And to put it all together .. wow wow and .... WOW!!! This is GORGEOUS! If I had wings .. I'd want it to look like THIS! :)


  17. Hi Chelsea. What a fun tutorial, and it's looks amazing. You are so tallented.
    Hugs Nataliya

  18. so beautiful, thanks for tutorial

  19. What a GREAT tutorial! Thanks for sharing, the fairy wings are BEAUTIFUL! Love them! :)

    Wish you a happy easter sweetie!

  20. Wow Chel this is wicked cool and such a beautiful effect! And you made it look easy enough to make. Sigh I guess I have to add another awesome creation to my things to try list. Just when I started crossing stuff off my list here you go adding to it. lol Awesome job
    Hugs Bonnie

  21. Thank you for this AMAZING tutorial Chelsea :) I'll definitely try this some time :) I doubt it will be with this smashingly beautiful result though! He, he, he!
    Happy Easter!

  22. Hi Chelsea
    What an utterly intreguing & inspiring tutorial, with results that are literally out o this world. Its not often I see something I've never seen the likes of before but as usual when I visit your blog - there often is! I remember using the gallery glass at art college & have used the films before, but never together in this way & wil DEFO be giving a go. You really are an inspiration, Thank-you, Deb.x

  23. Pfiooouuuu !!!! I do not know what to say.... it is so incredible... I am very impressed.... I'd like to try but I've nothing to make one... One day may be....

    Thanks for sharing !


  24. Wow, this looks amazing, how those wings come out so beautiful! Awesome! Wish I had the things to try this out! Something to add to the shopping list sometime!

    :) Take care!

  25. I'll have to try this, just gorgeous!! Thanks Chelsea!


  26. Wow, thats an amazing tutorial!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I think I will try it after passing my exams :)
    Jani x

  27. Wow..really love this. thanks for the tutorial.

  28. Beautiful, I love it!!! where i can buy these "Clear Gallery Glass" ??

  29. Beautiful...love it!
    Hugs Ellen

  30. You are so creative, amazing

  31. Just gorgeous! What is the film. Never have seen it. Where can it be purchased and what size wire do you use. thank you. so beautiful. would love to make one

    1. Hi, thanks for your question and comment. You can find this film in the gift wrap section of the store, it comes in a roll like gift wrap paper. The wire size is a 22 gauge. Have fun making them.