Tissue Wrapping Paper Flower Tutorial

Over the Holiday, I bought way too many tissue wrapping paper ... what to do with those left over tissue wrapping paper? ... make paper flowers of course! I make just about all the flowers on my card (except the super tiny Prima roses) so this is just the perfect "after the holiday project". It's easy to make and I suggest making a lot when you sit down to make them. I can't wait to use them on my project and including them in gift packages for my friends. I hope you like this tutorial enough to give it a try.

I made a variety of them, stamped petals, super crinkled, and some with just watercolor. I love them all and I think you will too.

Materials used:

  • Tissue Wrapping Paper
  • Flower Die Cut
  • Watercolor
  • Heat Gun
  • Hot Glue Gun

Fold the tissue wrapping paper so that you will get 3 cut from each flower die.

Run the die through the machine.

Separate the cute flower and place each on the craft mat as shown.

Brush each flower with water.

Add colors by brushing on some watercolor mixture.

Dab off any extra water with a paper towel.

Use the heat gun on the flower, you will see the tissue paper starting to change color and form unique crinkles.

Add a tiny amount of hot glue to the center of the flower and pinch the small flowers together (one flower at a time).

Do the same to the bigger flower and hot glue the two together.

You can crinkle the tissue paper for a fuller look.

And you are done! The water coloring is a bit messy, but that the fun part. You get see how the color spread and change colors on the tissue paper. I can't get enough of it, I might have to make some more tomorrow!

If you don't have watercolor, you can use Distress Ink or anything water-base.

Thanks for stopping by today, I'll see you shortly. Have a great weekend.

Much Love,



  1. These are really beautiful Chelsea, would love to have a go, they look so delicate and such pretty colours with the water colours..gorgeous.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Ho WOW!!! These are BEAUTIFUL and they look so real. Thanks for the "tute". Would love to give it a try one day.

  3. wow these are amazing... i love them .. i made felt flower brooches in a similar way for Christmas presents
    Lisa x

  4. Your flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this tutorial, it looks fun:-)

  5. Gorgeous flowers, great tutorial, thanks!

  6. Gorgeous flowers and great tutorial. I have these dies and never used them, now that you have inspired me I will :)

  7. Oh Chelsea! ❤
    You are just so clever and very artistic! This is one amazing tutorial and I wish I had tissue paper now! I will have to run out and buy myself some because I need to try this :) stunningly beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing ❤

  8. thanks for the tutorial!! Hugs Juls

  9. Роскошные цветы! Жаль, нет такой бумаги чтобы попробовать сделать.

  10. These are gorgeous thanks so much for sharing how to make them hugs xx

  11. Happy New year!
    Wow, this is just so amazing! Have to show my aunt and try it together whit her. It's gonna be so much fun:-) Thanks for shering:-)
    Have a nice Monday:)

  12. This looks fantastic, I need to try this some time, but I'm usually too much of in a hurry, and I must admit, too lazy as well to make my own embellishments, but these are fabulous!!!


  13. wounderful flowers and I really like your Pretty little stamps

  14. I always wonder how to use the flower dies. These flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you make them!

  15. What a wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing with us. I will definately try out this. Have a great weekend. Hugs...Mona

  16. I tried this with a steam iron - use the spray button to wet the tissue paper, dab on the watercolor, then iron to dry the tissue. It crinkles very nicely.

  17. Спасибо за отличный урок! http://ok-olesya.blogspot.ru/2014/04/blog-post.html

  18. They are beautiful and seems easy to make will try even the suggestion with the iron. Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful ideas

  19. Wow they are beautiful, inexpensive and seems easy to make. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with us.

  20. So Beautiful. I have to make these. Thanks so much.

  21. So beautiful! Tried to do some but my arterosis made it to hard. But going to try make them with coffeefilters!

  22. your flowers are so so pretty. I love how you used watercolors to make then so unique and different. I will give a try. I hope mine come out half as nice as yours. thank you for the tutorial.