Baby Card and Lotus Flower Tutorial

Can you believe December is here! Wow, time sure does fly. Well, today I'm sharing a card I made along with a tutorial on how I made the Lotus flowers on this card. Its an easy flower to make and it look so beautiful.


  • 90lb Watercolor Paper

  • Flower Punch

  • Watercolor

  • Heat Gun

  • Tweezer

  • Scissors

  • Water Prush

  • Pin

  • Flower Stamens

  • Punch out as many flower as you like to make on the watercolor paper.
    Wet the paper flower.
    While the paper flower is wet, add some color to the center of the flower.
    Then add another color to the edges of the petals while the flower is still wet.
    Cut a little slit between the petals toward the center of the flower.
    Use a tweezer to pinch the top of the petal to form a pointed petal.
    Add a small hole to the center of the flower.
    Insert the first flower through the stamen and gather the petals to form a bud.

    Add a bit of hot glue to hold in place.
    Next, add the second flower layer along with a bit of hot glue to hold in place.
    And there you have it, an easy and beautiful Lotus flower.

    Thanks for reading and have fun making them!
    Much Love,


    1. OMG Chelsea, this is realy gorgeous and thank you for the lovely tutorial of making flowers.
      Hugs Astrid

    2. Awesome card! Love your bright and romantic cards. :) Thank you to sharing tutorial with us.

    3. Holy cow, I'm in awe again with another one of you fabulous, amazing, stunning, and BEAUTIFUL card. The elements you add are always eye-catching and I love starring at them. Thanks for the "tute" on making the lotus flowers.

    4. Wow Chelsea! Your card is stunning and your flowers are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing how to make them. Big hugs, Jane xxx

    5. OMG....speechless!!!!
      An incredible work of art....looooove the gorgeous flowers!

    6. Gorgeous and adorable card and wht fabulous flowers.

    7. wow so gorgeous again Chelsea.

      gr karin

    8. I love your way to create flowers,really great seems simple somehow- when you show it ! love,Erni

    9. Wow! Clever lady! and you have inspired me to try it! Love the pinching of the petals, wouldnt have thought of that!

    10. OMG Chelsea, this is realy gorgeous!!!

    11. So beautiful. Thank you for providing a tutorial on how you make these flowers!

    12. I was linked to your site by AllFreePaperCrafts.com...so glad to be here! Loved this lotus flower tutorial. Your projects are just beautiful! I just had to take a look at other features on your site...love all your flowers! Thanks for sharing your creative talents and skills with us.