Treasure the moment shabby chic card - 5 petal flowers tutorial

I'm finally able to share another card and flower tutorial today.  I hope you like it and find it easy enough to give it a try this weekend.  

Making this flower is very simple, here is how I did it ...

Materials:  5 petal flower punch, watercolor paper, scissor, small ballpoint stylus, and micro glass beads.
Punch out the flowers and add color to them if you like.  I've water colored mine with a baby pink color.
Cut a small slit between each petals.
Slightly dampen the flowers.

Working on the back side of the flower, start rolling on the outside edge (not the center) from the tip of the petal to the end of the slit with the small ballpoint stylus.

Only do this to one side of the petal.
Now turn the flower to its right side and push down the center.
and that is it.  Add some glass beads to the center and you are ready to use them.

Thanks for reading, I hope you find this post helpful.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. Gasp! Your creations are all simply breathtaking, Chelsea! Your flowers are incredibly exquisite.

  2. As always, great job! Beautiful card! Delicate, weightless and airy. And your flowers are very cute.

  3. Super!!! I admire your work and study them !!! Thank you very much!

  4. wow, this is stunning. Beautiful colors. thanks for the tutorial, I hope mine will come out as fabulous as these did :)

  5. Absolutely lovely--and yes, thank you, I DID find your flower tute helpful! These are so pretty!